Metal Impact Detector - Electronic Card
Metal Impact Detector - Electronic Card

Metal Impact Detector - Electronic Card

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The electronic board is mounted on fixing brackets suitable for mounting on omega profiles inside existing electrical panels. With a small footprint, it ensures perfect integration with the system. The led lights up when the impact is detected.

The detector is a small timed device equipped with a sensor that is particularly sensitive to the sounds generated by metal strikes.

When the blow is detected, a neutral contact is closed which is available for any machinery management.

You can complete the standard kit with the probe with 3 meters of reinforced sheath (different sizes are available, as well as particular lengths on request) to be mounted directly on the detection plate.

In the aluminum extrusion sector, it is used for detecting the fall of the billet bottom once it has been cut by the shear.

When the shear detaches the butt end from the die and it arrives on the plate, the impact between the metals produces a sound that activates a signal in the RCF (Caseback Fall Detector).

The generated signal can be used for different purposes: to stop the closure of the container, or to detect the actual fall of the piece of billet discarded by the LOGS shear (HOT SHEAR).