Express Die Cooling
Express Die Cooling
Express Die Cooling
Express Die Cooling

Express Die Cooling

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The management of the liquid nitrogen flow involves the use of a cryogenic valve that can withstand the low temperatures of the liquid state of nitrogen (-196 °).

Using an accurate sensor for reading the profile and interacting with the nitrogen flow rate from the 7 "touch panel, the die is ​​proportionally cooled, avoiding breakage and extrusion occurs more quickly, gaining productivity.
By acting on the controlled and proportional opening of the valve, the waste of liquid nitrogen is considerably reduced, using only the quantity necessary for the production in progress.
The excellent results of this system are also evident in the gloss of the surface thanks to the inertization properties of the nitrogen which, in contact with the hot profile, changes from liquid to gaseous, protecting it from oxidation.

Furthermore, even after aging treatments, the hardness of the material benefits from cooling the die with liquid nitrogen

The automatic positioning ensures that the sensor reads the temperature and emissivity over the entire surface, completing the entire angle of action in both directions (30 °, 50 ° or 90 °). The scanner positions itself at the optimal reading point, where both parameters are within the desired limits. In this way the read values ​​are always accurate and precise.

Included in delivery:

1 Scanner

1 Controller with software for Automatic Positioning and Management of Liquid Nitrogen flow (APBN_LN_CL)
1 4-pin connectors with 30 meters of cable for the APBN_LN_CL-Scanner connection

1 5 m cable for the APBN_LN_CL- Sensor display connection

1 110V / 220V power supply
Drawings and User Manual

This supply foresees the use of sensor and proportional cryogenic valve already present at the customer (which must satisfy the prerequisites)