Rolling Mill Temperature Reading
Rolling Mill Temperature Reading

Rolling Mill Temperature Reading

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Automatic scanning for the correct reading of the profile temperature at the press exit with a specific control for reading the temperature of large surfaces such as coils or aluminum sheets and recording.

APBN_RM monitors the measured parameters for 5 positions and saves the temperature at the end of the reading time.

At the end of the set scan time, the last temperature read is recorded, then the scanner moves to the next position.
The path is always from position 1 to 5 and from 5 to 1 continuously. Each time the sensor finishes scanning a position, it updates the values.

For a correct reading of the sheets, it is recommended to use a sensor with a reading area <= 20mm.

Two outputs are available for external management of the temperature read and the position of the scanner.

Included in delivery:

1 Scanner

1 Controller 4,3 "color touch screen with software for Aluminum Sheet Temperature Reading (APBN_RM)
1 4-pin connectors with 30 meters of cable for the APBN_RM-Scanner connection

1 5 m cable for the APBN_RM - Sensor display connection

1 110V / 220V power supply
Drawings and User Manual