Quench Rate
Quench Rate
Quench Rate

Quench Rate

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Automatic calculation of the cooling rate.
The supply includes a scanner to be used with sensor for detecting the temperature of the profile immediately at the exit press, a second scanner to be used with sensor with characteristics suitable for detecting the lower temperature after cooling (both with air and water or even mixed).

The 4.3 "color touch screen monitor shows the data relating to the temperatures read by the sensors and the positions reached.
The scan reads the temperature and the emissivity (emissivity ongly at the press) over the entire surface, completing the entire angle of action in both directions (30 °) and positions itself at the optimal reading point, where both parameters are at within the desired limits.

The scanners are managed by a single small and powerful plc capable not only of correctly positioning the sensors for optimal reading, but also of communicating to the operator the cooling rate to be applied to the current extrusion.
The Quench Rate is essential information when working in search of high quality standards, such as in the automotive sector, where even a small variation in temperature compromises uniformity and the level of quality.


Included in delivery:

2 Scanners

1 4.3 "color touch screen controller with Quench Rate software (APBN_QR)
2 4-pin connectors with 30 meters of cable for the APBN_QR- Scanner connection

2 5 m cables for the APBN_QR- Sensor display connection

1 110V / 220V power supply
Drawings and User Manual